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YUKKA News &  Trend Lab was developed to provide asset managers and financial advisors with an information advantage and a minimum time expenditure for the analysis and the evaluation of financial market information. Our software analyzes real-time financial and business news and provides research support for investments. Making it possible to identify significant trend changes as well as trading volumes in advance, the YUKKA News Lab provides an unmatched information advantage. YUKKA Lab‘s Newsflow Analyzer processes the rising flood of data in the financial markets and filters the most important information for the stock market.

News Lab


Better informed investment decisions – Get an aggregated and evaluated overview of professional financial news.
YUKKA Lab‘s Newsflow Analyzer processes the rising flood of data in the financial markets and filters the most important information for the stock market.

Structured Overview

Sentiment Indicators

Topic Cloud

Original News Articles

Professional News Feeds


Interprets the increasing flood of financial news, finding the most important information and providing trend analyses fully automated, neutral, real-time.


Saves time and provides efficient overviews. Be the first to know the relevant sentiments. Graphically edited and right at your fingertips.


Smart, fast and self-learning. State-of-the-art NLP & machine learning combined with data mining. Artificial Language Intelligence at its best.


Sentiments are fed only from audited sources and renowned financial news. That improves quality of data, reduces noise and manipulation.

News Lab


Assess topics that drive financial markets – Visually assess new emerging topics and identify what companies are involved.

Data Graph

Topic Cluster

Event Detection

Visual Insights

Topic Zoom

Asset Management

Portfolio managers identify trends and minimize risks.

Advisory Wealth Management

Always at the pulse of the market, you can advise and support your customers in the best possible way.

Sales & Distribution

Maintain an overall market overview and know where you sell best.

Marketing & Communications

Monitor topics. Analyze competition. Be the first to react to sentiment changes and trends.



It´s all about the right timing – Secure profits and minimize losses with this early warning system for draw downs.

Current Investment Ratio

Model History back to 2005

Out-of-Sample Performance from 2014

Proprietary Financial Models



Fact-based actionable Insights – Know when the market sentiment trend has reached a turning point.

Entry & Exit Signals in Performance Charts for 19 Sectors (ICB & GIC)

Long-term & Short-term Market Sentiment

YUKKA Lab API / Interface

Real-time News analytics tailored for your company. You decide how much information you need to work as efficient as possible. YUKKA Lab´s API offers the possibility to integrate the full power of our Augmented Language Intelligence solutions perfectly suited into your companies needs and challenges as web component or data component.

YUKKA Lab´s API is based on a documented REST interface, which allows integration via standard HTTP requests. This provides the highest flexibility to clients, as requests can be made from within web pages, mobile device applications and backend systems. The provision of the API is simple and a scalable cluster ensures high availability and responsiveness.

Details on request.

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