Imagine reading up to 200 000 news stories per day.

Imagine reading up to 200 000 news stories per day.

How many newspapers can you read? I mean at once, simultaneously? YUKKA reads 3 news stories at once. Per second. Per processor that our machine is running. Ok, this comparison might not look fair. But we love that fun fact about our YUKKA News & Trend Lab.

Just to give a little insight into the wide range of newspapers that are aggregated and analyzed in theYUKKA News & Trend Lab: New York Times (US), The Washington Post (US), The Guardian (UK), New Zealand Herald (NZ),  Toronto Star (Canada) and many many more. Plus Top Newswires, plus Journals/Business Magazines. Check out our graphic that shows very roughly how far our news sources are spread over the whole world! Even Hawai is in!

Overall, we are processing now up to 200 000 news stories per day. Our YUKKA News & Trend Lab clients profit from the significant increase of news coverage for the American market with the focus on financial news media.

Oliver Berchtold, our Chief Business Development & Co-Founder: “Next week, we will launch our new YUKKA News & Trend Lab that provides fact-based actionable insights for the financial industry based on the analysis of the professional financial media in English and German. For us, it is key to have a broad and high-quality offering of professional financial media as a starting point for our augmented language intelligence technology. Based on this solid data fundament we precisely quantify the mood for markets, companies, and topics enabling us to deliver unique trend signals.”

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