Travelling Asia is a lesson in thinking outside the box

Travelling Asia is a lesson in thinking outside the box

Ever heard of Ping An or Zhong An? Two Chinese companies that they are on the verge of taking over the global lead when it comes to artificial intelligence in Financial Services industry.

When Oliver Berchtold and Andreas Pusch arrived back from FinovateAsia in Hong Kong they did not only bring the Best of Show award with them but a bunch of new insights and manifold impressions on the Financial Services industry in Asia. Oliver referred in his article on LinkedIn to a keynote held by Paul Schulte, Founder & Editor at Schulte Research, who started research with the goal to find out how far back Chinese companies were compared to western companies when it comes to AI application in financial services. And did find out completely otherwise. Read Oliver Berchtold ́s personal recap of his trip to Asia „How far back is Asia when it comes to AI in Financial Services?

“You want to see the live-demo of Andreas and Oliver in Hong Kong? Follow this link pls: YUKKA Lab in Hong Kong at Finovate Blog “

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