YUKKA Lab and Banque Cramer

YUKKA Lab and Banque Cramer

News from the YUKKA Lab office! YUKKA Lab made it into the news on many online finance portals, such as finews, FONDS professional and STOCK WORLD.

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Switzerland’s Cramer private bank is expanding the product portfolio based on fintech technology. Together with a Berlin-based laboratory, the bank launched an application that is designed to detect swings at financial markets.

Banque Cramer, based in Geneva, added a risk indicator to the investment application Prime Selector launched at the end of last year, according to a statement released today. The company agreed to a cooperation with Yukka Lab, a fintech laboratory based in Berlin.

Yukka Lab developed a software, which sifts through millions of financial news items across the globe searching for swings of sentiment. The companies claim that market sentiment tends to change a few weeks before the market follows. The technology automatically and without any emotions adjusts portfolios in line with the market sentiment.

Hedging Through Text Analysis

The risk indicator integrated into the Prime Selector app of Cramer is based on the text analysis software, sending hedging signals to investors. The app and all functionalities developed by Cramer are free of charge while the Yukka-Lab signal remains fee-based and available for subscription of the Yukka website.

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