YUKKA Lab goes America

YUKKA Lab goes America

We had the honour to present our new cockpit in a live demo at the finovate in New York. From numerous applicants only the most innovative 70 companies were given the unique opportunity to present their solution at this year´s finovate fall in New York. Finovate is famous for its fast-paced format, where you get the chance to present your solution in a 7 minutes long live demo to over 1.500 senior fintech attendees from more than 270 financial institutions. Which is the reason why people like Mary Pilon from the Wall Street Journal call it the “Super Bowl” of the global Fintech scene.

One chance, 7 minutes, no slides, hard stop 

There we were on this huge stage in the New York Midtown Hilton waiting for the spotlight to go on for YUKKA Lab and our opportunity to showcase what we have been working on over the course of the last months. As soon as the spotlight hit the stage, it felt like the referee blew the starting whistle. As planned and rehearsed before we executed our game plan and outlined to the audience how on one the hand side our product will help them to keep a structured and evaluated overview of the financial news and the topics that drive the financial markets and on the other hand side serve them as an early warning system that alerts them when the sentiment trend of an index or sector has reached a turning point and it is time to enter and exit the market.

Like a Swiss clockwork we managed to get our presentation done right when the clock hand hit minute number seven. Under applause we left the big stage. We not only felt relieved that everything had worked as planned but also, we had managed to win the attention and even some laughter from the audience. The positive feeling was affirmed afterwards, by the many different contacts we were able to make at our booth at the finovate fair.

New York, we will be back!

In the following video you can see Oliver, our CBDO, talk about YUKKA Lab at finovate 2017:


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