YUKKA Lab Partners: Talking about Sentiment-Quant-Engines – Cooperation with AAAccell

YUKKA Lab Partners: Talking about Sentiment-Quant-Engines – Cooperation with AAAccell

What can happen when you combine sentiments with quant models?
A cooperation with AAACCell, a spin-off start-up of the University of Zurich and alumni of the Kickstart Accelerator 2017, enables us to optimally combine YUKKA Lab’s sentiments with state-of-the-art quant models that are used directly by banks. The cooperation shows clear added value in terms of KPI´s (Sharpe ratio, vola, performance). We talked with Maximilian Adelmann, Senior Quant Engineer at AAAccell, about what AAAccell is doing and about our cooperation.

Max, please introduce yourself. Who are you and what do you do at AAAccell?

Max: I am holding a Ph.D. in quantitative business administration with a focus on portfolio optimization. After the Ph.D. I decided to join AAAccell because I wanted to continue working in an innovative environment with a strong link to academia. I am employed as a senior quant engineer and I am working on several projects related to our portfolio selection and risk monitoring solution PSARM. Most of my tasks are of quantitative nature but there is a shift towards more and more project lead responsibilities.

What does AAAccell do? And what is the cooperation with YUKKA Lab?

Max: AAAccell is a leading Swiss quantitative FinTech in Risk and Asset Management. We develop innovative AI / ML solutions for the financial service industry. AAAccell stands for Academic excellence, Artificial intelligence, and Algorithmic power. We are a University of Zurich spin-off company, founded in 2014. Our solutions are based on the latest scientific results and methods, developed by leading academics, professors and researchers from various universities such as ETH, University of Zurich and Columbia, NY.

The goal of the YUKKA Lab – AAAccell collaboration is to build a sentiment-quant engine. We are aiming to combine YUKKA Labs excellent sentiment signals with our state-of-the-art portfolio selection and risk monitoring engine to create strong combined market signals and investment recommendations.

How did this cooperation come about?

Max: I have met Andreas and Oliver at the site of one AAAccell’s clients. YUKKA Lab was in discussion to join the collaboration between AAAccell and a large Swiss financial service institution. Andreas, Oliver and I started talking after a meeting and quickly saw the huge potential to build something together. A few productive meetings later we officially agreed on a YUKKA Lab – AAAccell collaboration.

What is so special about this cooperation? What do your customers get out of it? 

Max: The exciting part of the collaboration is the potential to build the best sentiment-quant engine in the market. The combination of YUKKA Labs sentiments and our quantitative engine based on the latest scientific developments can provide us an information advantage over all competitors. Our clients will get stronger and better market warning signals and investment recommendations than everyone else. Thus they can significantly reduce the risk of their portfolios and increase their returns.

Thank you for your answers, Max!

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