YukkaLab’s Meet the Team: Unveiling Katarzyna Marszałek-Kowalewska

YukkaLab’s Meet the Team: Unveiling Katarzyna Marszałek-Kowalewska

In our “Meet the Team” newsletter series, we are honored to introduce Katarzyna Marszałek-Kowalewska, a pivotal figure in YUKKA Lab’s journey of innovation. Katarzyna holds the esteemed position of Senior Knowledge Engineering Manager.

With a profound academic background encompassing linguistics and natural language processing, Katarzyna’s recent achievement has been the publication of “Persian Computational Linguistics and NLP.” In this remarkable work, she delves deep into the intricacies of text processing and multiword expressions within the Persian NLP domain.
Katarzyna’s contributions, however, extend far beyond the confines of her scholarly accomplishments. As the Senior Knowledge Engineering Manager, she masterfully leads a team of linguists and knowledge engineers, responsible for the orchestration of knowledge resources. This includes the meticulous development of knowledge graphs, the curation of invaluable data resources, and the pioneering of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) events model.

With a rich academic tenure spanning over six years, Katarzyna wears multiple hats with finesse. Her journey encompasses roles as a linguist par excellence, an ontological authority, and an adept team leader, rendering her a valuable asset to our team. At the core of her role, Katarzyna finds unparalleled satisfaction in observing the transformative potential of teamwork, where modest ideas evolve into impactful innovations. Looking to the future, she imagines expanding our knowledge graph and our linguistic capabilities. Katarzyna anticipates embracing more strategic roles and championing sustainability initiatives as her professional journey evolves.

Image of Katarzyna Marszalek-Kowalewska, Senior Knowledge Engineering Manager of YukkaLab

Beyond her professional pursuits, Katarzyna explores the world of aerial arts as an accomplished aerialist, mastering the lyra and silks with grace and precision. Katarzyna journey with YUKKA Lab is an embodiment of creativity, purpose, and unceasing learning. She eagerly anticipates the boundless opportunities for her personal and professional growth.

Stay tuned for more captivating profiles of the exceptional individuals steering YUKKA Lab’s future.